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Maryse Hugues Legay Rochette hugues.legay0258f at orange.fr
Tue Jan 20 18:47:53 UTC 2015

First, sorry for my bad english, but I will try it anyway.
I send you this mail because I need some help. Maybe would you explain me how to proceed.
I would like to run a HP scanner "Scanjet 5300c » on a iMac os x 10.10 , so as this one doesn’t see it, I searched for a solution. Founding SANE project, I downloaded Mattias Ellert's binary installer packages <http://www.ellert.se/twain-sane/> of sane-backends, the TWAIN SANE interface and related software.
Now this software appears on the computer, in the section printer and scanner. However when it is activated, the application does not found my scan. "Awaiting the scanner"  it’s said.
Then, once the driver libraries opened I saw there was not Scanjet 5300C driver in it, although it is indicated on the page of SANE site to the section « Supported device », as you can see below? that it is in fact. 
complete means the backends supports everything the device can do.

Backend	Version	Supported Devices	Manual Page
Manufacturer	Model	Interface	USB id	Status	Comment
Backends included in the current tarball - see SANE Distribution <http://www.sane-project.org/source.html>
avision <http://skull.piratehaven.org/~mike/sane/avision.html>	Build: 296	Hewlett-Packard <http://www.hp.com/>	ScanJet 5300C	USB	0x03f0/0x0701	complete	1 pass, 2400 dpi - some FW revisions have x-axis image scaling problems over 1200 dpi	sane-avision <http://www.sane-project.org/man/sane-avision.5.html>
ScanJet 5370C	USB	0x03f0/0x0701	good	1 pass, 2400 dpi - some FW revisions have x-axis image scaling problems over 1200 dpi

What can I do ?
So I hope that you will send me an answer which can help me to solve these difficulties.
In advance thank you to study my demand.

Hugues Legay
3 allée des érables 

hugues.legay0258f at orange.fr <mailto:hugues.legay0258f at orange.fr>
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