[sane-devel] scanimage --resolution 200; the resolution seems to be ignored

Martin MartiMc at web.de
Wed Jan 28 18:55:27 UTC 2015


I am using scanimage, to obtain scans from my hp officejet 6700 from the
commandline resp. script.

Everything works fine by scanning from the Flatbed.


If scanning using ADF, for some reason the resolution will be ignored.

"scanimage --format=tiff --resolution=200 --mode Color > $scanfile" creates
a tiff with 200 dpi

"scanimage --format=tiff --resolution 200 --mode Color --source ADF >
$scanfile" creates a tiff file with 75 dpi


Everytime I use "--source ADF", the result is 75 dpi, although the
resolution is set to something else.



scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.22; backend version 1.0.22

raspbian os runs on raspberrypi b+

allinone scanner hp officejet 6700



Best regards,



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