[sane-devel] making scanbd work OOTB in debian - question about supported backends

Rolf Leggewie foss at rolf.leggewie.biz
Wed Mar 4 08:12:03 UTC 2015

On 04.03.2015 13:46, Wilhelm wrote:
>>> What should be the effect of this env-variable SANE_BACKEND_CONFIG_DIR?

>> As maintainer, I currently need to copy all backend files from
>> /etc/sane.d/*.conf to /etc/scanbd.  That is messy to say the least.  If
>> SANE_BACKEND_CONFIG_DIR was a variable separate from SANE_CONFIG_DIR
>> that wouldn't be necessary with obvious benefits to everyone.
> All SANE desktop applications use SANE_CONFIG_DIR. scanbd must use saned
> with a different dll.conf and therefore sets SANE_CONFIG_DIR before
> invoking saned. SANElib looks for that dll.conf and config-files in
> there and dll.d. The point is, that you can't direct SANE to another
> dll.conf. And I don't see what the help of SANE_BACKEND_CONFIG_DIR could
> be in this respect.
> But: is SANE_BACKEND_CONFIG_DIR a SANElib env-variable? Don't know about it.

I am coming purely from a package maintainer's POV.  I haven't looked
deeply into the interaction between scanbd and saned.  And I know very
little about the limitations imposed on that interaction by the design
of saned.  It seems that me looking for a way to split the general
scanbd configuration from the location of the backends can only be done
if saned supports that and then indeed your suggestion of the -c and -d
parameters is probably the way to go.

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