[sane-devel] jo-kraus at gmx.de sent you a file through WeSendit!

Stef stef.dev at free.fr
Wed Mar 18 05:40:55 UTC 2015

     Hello Jochen,

     again thanks for the data. Unfortunately this is not quite I 
expected. The reference I use is a preview done by the WIA driver 
(Config Panel -> Peripherals -> right click on LiDE 120 -> start scan -> 
preview), not through the supplied that software because it is getting 
into the way by trying too hard to guess what you need (or dumbing down 
     However among all the differences, I noticed the same than between 
the 210 and 220. So, in the hope that doing the same thing for LiDE 220 
support is enough, I have pushed code to test in SANE's git tree.

     To test you'll have to clone the git repository and compile it. The 
2 main pitfalls are:
     - SANE's configuration files are not overwriten during install
     - the usb id of the scanner has to be added to udev


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