[sane-devel] scanner works over localhost but not remotely

Henrique Martins sane at martins.cc
Sun Nov 15 18:03:35 UTC 2015

HP ScanJet 5300C locally configured over avision and net
backend, with 1.0.24, on Fedora 23.

On the machine where the scanner is connected to, everything
works over the usb/avision backend.

On the same machine, if as root I start "saned -d",
everything works over the net backend.

On another machine on the same (home) network, and again
with "sane -d" started as root, the preview scan from xsane
goes half way and stops, xsane hangs, and I need to kill it,
as well as saned on the other machine.

What could be the difference?  Timing?

-- Henrique

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