[sane-devel] Canon MF212w Scanner and SANE

Scott monkity at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 03:18:49 UTC 2015


I'm a Linux Mint user and so is my father.  We're trying to set up an 
all-in-one printer I bought today and have had good luck setting up on 
the printer side, but not the scanner side.  I hoped SANE would do the 
trick but the MF210 series for Canon isn't yet verified as working so 
SANE isn't picking it up.  Allan directed me to the list, so I'm hoping 
someone here can help.

I should note that I only have about a month before I have to return the 
equipment if I can't get a resolution.

Anyone available and interested to help test this out and expand SANE's 

Scott W

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