[sane-devel] Canon LiDE 110 motor movement problems only on some machines / architectures

Jason Pepas jasonpepas at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 03:46:39 UTC 2015


I just got a Canon LiDE 110 and am getting different results depending upon
which of my computers I try to scan from.

Here's the results so far:

* HP laptop (Intel Core i3) / Windows 7:

Works correctly.  This just establishes that the scanner isn't broken.

* Dell tower (Intel Core 2) / Debian 8 (amd64):

Works correctly (using scanimage).

* Dell mini10v (Intel Atom) / Debian 8 (i386):

Bulb lights up, scanning head moves very slowly and jerkily in the correct
direction, but only travels about 0.5cm by the time scanimage thinks the
scan is done.

* Pogoplug Mobile (arm5tel) / Debian 8 (armel):

Bulb lights up, but scanner head appeared not to move and made grinding
noises.  Was it trying to move in the wrong direction?  Is that a timing
issue or an architecture endianess issue?

The grinding noises don't appear to be 100% reproducible (sometimes the
head just appears not to be doing anything).

* Raspberry Pi B+ (armv6l) / Raspbian (armhf):

Bulb lights up, scanner makes very brief servo noises, then appears to
remain silent for the duration of the scan.  Didn't appear to make grinding

So, I think there is a pretty solid opportunity to solve this because I
have a few working and non-working platforms to work from.

What's the next step here?  Getting some form of more verbose output from
the genesys driver?

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