[sane-devel] Xsane can't find network scanner

MR ZenWiz mrzenwiz at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 08:43:02 UTC 2015

I routinely use my Xubuntu 14.04.3 laptop, at my lady friend's house,
where she has an HP Envy 4500 all in one on her wireless network.

Xsane can't seem to find the scanner.

I've edited the /etc/sane.d/net.conf to this:

# This is the net backend config file.

## net backend options
# Timeout for the initial connection to saned. This will prevent the backend
# from blocking for several minutes trying to connect to an unresponsive
# saned host (network outage, host down, ...). Value in seconds.
# connect_timeout = 60

## saned hosts
# Each line names a host to attach to.
# If you list "localhost" then your backends can be accessed either
# directly or through the net backend.  Going through the net backend
# may be necessary to access devices that need special privileges.
hp envy 4500
hp-print-60-envy 4500

As far as I can tell, this require the hp5590 driver, which appears to
be installed on my machine:

mar at mar8710w:~ $ loc hp5590

And the dll.conf has net and hp both uncommented.

What am I missing?



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