[sane-devel] Unsupported Scanner: Visioneer 6000 B

John Floyd dagent.geo at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 27 13:27:32 UTC 2015

Greetings to all,

	Recently I've come into possession of some old scanners. One of theseis
a Visioneer PaperPort 6000 B. Being that I'm a casual Linux and BSD fan
and a long time fan of the SANE project I would like to do what I can to
help expand the supported scanner list. I checked the supported
list and there is a Paperport 6100 listed and it is UNSUPPORTED with a
request for more information. The model I have is not listed but I would
like to provide as much information as I can so that hopefully there can
be a working driver for it one day. I don't actually have a way to power
it so I could not get the scanner-find information for it. I can tell
you that it is a Parallel scanner. The scanner is very easy to
disassemble and so I was able to view the controller(?) board for it.
One of the chips has, "S9806AD" and a second row of, "LM9811CCV." I've
had very little luck tracking down the top set, but the bottom set
appears to be a, "National Semiconductor LM9811 10-Bit Greyscale/30-Bit
Color Linear CCD Sensor Processor." I was able to find a datasheet for
the chip but it's too large to attach to this post. I have zero
programming experience so I am unable to write a driver for it. Do any
of you know of any other models that have this National Semiconductor
chip already supported for SANE? Does anyone want to take this on but
need more information? Please let me know.


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