[sane-devel] backend trouble

James Linker jalinker59 at icloud.com
Mon Apr 4 21:54:34 UTC 2016

Hello folk. Thanks for adding me to the list.

I have installed binaries for Mac OS 10.5.8 and cannot get TWAIN SANE to recognize my scanner, a Canon LiDE20. Saner-find-scanner identifies it alright, but scan image -L only recognizes the test backend. I am trying to use TWAIN SANE to drive the scanner as described by Michael Golembewski on his Scanner Photography Project web page –  http://golembewski.awardspace.com/cameras/software/index.html <http://golembewski.awardspace.com/cameras/software/index.html> – so I know this ought to work. There must be something simple I am missing, but what?

Thank you for your indulgence and any suggestions you can offer ...
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