[sane-devel] fuji-xerox Docuprint M225 DW LAN

Jeremy Ardley jeremy.ardley at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 22:04:47 UTC 2016


I'm interested in using the Docuprint M225 DW device under linux. It's
not recognised by SANE when connected to the network.

I did a check of its protocol using a windows machine and wireshark and
it uses SNMP for control and status and TCP for scans. A bit of digging
shows it uses BROTHER-MIB for the SNMP component and seems to work
pretty much like a brother MFC as described at

I'd like to add the docuprint to  the list of devices supported by SANE.
Is this as simple as modifying a config file? If I need to take some
driver code/config (brother MFC?) and adapt it, can someone point me to
the best driver package to start with?


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