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Tue Dec 13 01:42:48 UTC 2016

Hi it's me again.  Don't know if you gave up on me but I am trying again
from the beginning.  I have scanned via USB and now am attempting to get it
working over my wifi.

On step two it says:
Step 2: Tell SANE to run as a server (saned)

systemd only


   Execute at a terminal:

   sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/saned.socket

   and input exactly:

   # Defaults for the saned initscript, from sane-utils# To enable
under systemd please read README.Debian# Set to yes to start saned
under SysVRUN=no# Set to the user saned should run
asRUN_AS_USER=sanedmoniker at pc:~$ cat
/etc/systemd/system/saned.socket[Unit]Description=saned incoming

but when I opened up this terminal there was



and I pasted your instructions in between those lines not knowing if I was
supposed to or paste over them both.  Was I right?

And then down to step three:

Step 3: Tell saned who to share with

Assuming you don't need to control access to the scanner, we will add the
line "" (share with everyone on the local network) after "##
Access list":

## Access list192.168.0.0/24

I did this part but you explained in the beginning we were assuming that my
network address is  I don't know if this is the case or if I
need to worry about it.  Do I or is this a default network address?  Could
this be why I'm having problems?

Then I went to step 4 "clean up tasks:".  Maybe I went too far but I did it
anyway and got this:

ben at Hal:~$ sudo systemctl enable saned.socket
Failed to execute operation: Invalid argument
ben at Hal:~$ sudo systemctl start saned.socket
Failed to start saned.socket: Unit saned.socket is not loaded properly:
Invalid argument.
See system logs and 'systemctl status saned.socket' for details.

Well I think I've gone far enough and will wait for your instruction.
Would love to get this scanner wireless.
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