[sane-devel] Difficulty with HP 5300C in Ubuntu - sane_start: error during device I/O

Jon uvlamp at qgenuity.com
Tue Jun 7 22:42:30 UTC 2016


I've been trying to use my HP 5300C to scan documents in Ubuntu. In the
past, I had an older HP scanner working before, but it conked out.

Whenever I try to capture an image, I get a variation of "error during
device I/O"

I've tried gscan2pdf, xsane, simple scan and scanimage.

The only thing that works is the preview function in xsane. xsane's
preview function produces a perfect image of the document on the scanner,
but gives me no way to save. I can capture preview images again and again
with no difficulty.

When I try to do a full scan with xsane, the scanner makes noise, but
stops partway through. A few minutes later, it produces "Error during
read: Error during device I/O".

With gscan2pdf on the flatbed or ADF, I get "error during device I/O" on
attempts to scan.

Once the system has produced "Error during device I/O", I have to power
cycle the scanner to get any response at all.

Here is the output of some relevant commands:

scanimage -L: device `avision:libusb:001:022' is a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet
5300C flatbed scanner

lsusb (removed other lines): Bus 001 Device 022: ID 03f0:0701
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 5300c/5370c

apt-show-versions libsane: (some other stuff) 1.0.23-3ubuntu3.1 uptodate

apt-show-versions sane: (some other stuff) 1.0.14-9 uptodate

scanimage -v -p > file.pnm:
scanimage: scanning image of size 1272x1748 pixels at 24 bits/pixel
scanimage: acquiring RGB frame
Progress: 12.3%
(never finishes)
Afterwards, the scanner flashes its light 5 times. Flashing the light 5
times is supposed to correspond to "Home sensor failure OR carriage

I'm looking for help getting this scanner working. Since the preview
function works perfectly, the hardware must be capable of scanning.

For my tasks, I need to use the ADF. However, finding a command that will
let me save the preview would bring me at least a step forward.


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