[sane-devel] odd experience with Fujitsu ix500

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Mon Jun 20 04:38:09 UTC 2016

I recently bought an ix500 to use with SANE.

Summary: it works on Ubuntu 16.04+updates or Fedora 23+updates when 
connected through a USB 2 port.  It does not work when connected through a 
USB 3 port.

I tested this on two Fedora 23 systems with USB 2 and 3 ports.
- HP Envy 700-19 desktop

- Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro notebook

- kernel kernel-4.5.5-201.fc23.x86_64

I tested this on one Fedora 23 system with only USB 2 ports.

I tested this on one Ubuntu 16.04 system with USB2 and 3 ports.
- HP Compaq Elite 8300 SFF desktop

I have no idea if this is specific to the Fujitsu ix500 -- I don't
have other scanners to test with.

Simplest form of misbehaviour with USB 3:
	First "scanimage -L" finds the scanner.
	Subsequent "scanimage -L" commands do not find it.
	(I think that sometimes the scanner disappears from "lsusb"
	output but that doesn't seem to be always.)

I also had some system lockups but they are not repeatable.

Unplugging and plugging in the USB cable seems to reset things.

Is this a known problem?

- the Fujitsu manual says that if the scanner doesn't work with USB 3
  try USB 2.  That is surely for Windows not Linux.

Is there some testing that you would like me to do?


I've now read 

That report doesn't seem to point to a kernel.org buzilla entry.  How come 
it isn't reported upstream?

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