[sane-devel] Warnings on empty compilation units (was Re: Cleanup and small fixes)

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Thu Jun 30 13:01:50 UTC 2016

Olaf Meeuwissen wrote quite a while ago:

>> Volker Diels-Grabsch writes:
>>> Dear SANE developers,
>>> Volker Diels-Grabsch schrieb:
>>>> I'm not sure which is the best way to contribute, so I'm providing
>>>> this as a series of (mostly) independent patches to this mailing list.
>>>> I could also open one or more tickets in the issue tracker, if that
>>>> helps.
>>> Is there anyone who likes to review my work?
>> [...]
> * 0009-Add-dummy-code-snippets-to-ensure-that-no-translatio.patch.gz
>   If nothing of the file is used, it shouldn't be compiled in the first
>   place.  I'll see if I can fix this as part of my autotool-reform
>   branch over at GitLab[1].
>   Skipping this for now.

As of 418fbb98 this should be taken care of now.  The relevant changes
themselves are in 1c946f7c and 828cd013 in case you're interested.

Hope this helps,
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