[sane-devel] Epson V370 Photo scanner does not work

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf.meeuwissen at avasys.jp
Wed Mar 9 04:19:19 UTC 2016


szukw000 at arcor.de writes:

> When I tested the scanner on WIN7 I found that the USB-cable
> seemed to be loose. I fixed the cable. The scanner worked now.
> Then I returned to LINUX.

Thanks for the log.  It looks very much like something is wrong with
the registration of the interpreter.  When you install an interpreter
package, the interpreter and scanner(s) it supports get registered by
the iscan-registry utility (it's a shellscript in /usr/sbin/).  This
utility creates or modifies an `interpreter` file in /var/lib/iscan/.

You should have one that looks a bit like:

  interpreter usb 0x04b8 0x014a /usr/lib64/iscan/libiscan-plugin-perfection-v370 /usr/share/iscan/esfwdd.bin

all on a single long line.

Now, from your log, it appears the epkowa backend is looking for this
file elsewhere:

> cfg-obj.c:610: [epkowa]{C} _cfg_fopen_data (/usr/share/iscan-data, interpreter)
> cfg-obj.c:618: [epkowa]{I} /usr/share/iscan-data/interpreter: No such file or directory
> [...]
> cfg-obj.c:610: [epkowa]{C} _cfg_fopen_data (/usr/var/lib/iscan, interpreter)
> cfg-obj.c:618: [epkowa]{I} /usr/var/lib/iscan/interpreter: No such file or directory

The first location I understand.  The second has a spurious /usr prefix
on the location that I cannot explain (and that bothers me).

What does your iscan-registry utility use for its STATEDIR value?  The
packages from the EPSON Download Center should be using /var/lib/iscan.

Further down your log, I see

> cfg-obj.c:663: [epkowa]{D} looking at 'usb 0x04b8 0x014a
> '

indicating that you have added that to your epkowa.conf.  Don't, it
won't work.  If you insist maintaining the configuration manually, you
can do without the /var/lib/iscan/interpreter file and add that long
'innterpreter usb ...' line to epkowa.conf yourself.  Just make sure the
paths match files on your system and note that the plugin file should
not have an extension.  See `iscan-registry --help` for details on the

After the interpreter is properly registered, your scanner should work.

Hope this helps,
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