[sane-devel] Copy from xsane to printer, not working reliably.

ftp83plus gestos at ftp83plus.net
Fri Mar 25 04:27:54 UTC 2016

Hello all, 

I have this Perfection 610 connected to a Debian-based server, and a Samsung ML-2510 connected to the same server. The scanner resides there because it doesn't have any proper driver for Mac OS X post-10.6, and am using different computers, so network sharing was the right configuration. This server is headless, and doesn't have X installed.

My first idea was to use X forwarding to output Xsane's display on the laptop from the server, but it never worked. Now, Xsane is installed on the laptop, and connects to the scanner through the LAN, and it works. It also connects to the shared printer through the network.

But from time to time, I would like Xsane to be able to simply copy a document directly to the printer at full scanner resolution. This scanner is 600dpi optical, and the printer also does 600dpi. So I added the printer ACM profile from the laptop (path: /Library/Printers/Samsung/ML-2510/GrayHT_600) in the "Copy" tab in Xsane. I wasn't sure of that since there was no file extension. It seems to be working at 150dpi, with a significant lag between scanning completion and printer starting up, I assume, because of the rasterization that needs to be made.

But if I set it to 300dpi, the CUPS server on the server outputs error: 
pstopdffilter/pstocupsraster failed with err number -31000
What does it mean?

Is there a have a more efficient, and reliable setup for copy?


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