[sane-devel] Need sane docs

Richard Ryniker ryniker at alum.mit.edu
Thu May 5 14:31:53 UTC 2016

I doubt a gigabit Ethernet connection will make any significant
difference.  Data rate from your scanner is dependent on the mechanical
speed of the sensor and scan resolution.  If you scan a page 8.5 by 11
inches at 600 pixels per inch resolution with 24 bits per pixel, there is
about 100 megabytes of data.  With a 100-megabit Ethernet connection,
that is about 10 seconds transmission time.  If your scanner requires 10
seconds for mechanical movement at that resolution, the Ethernet
connection should not limit scan speed.

At 1200 pixel per inch resolution, there would be four times as much data
(400 Mbytes.) This would need roughly 40 seconds to transfer using a
100-megabit Ethernet connection, but your scanner likely moves more
slowly at that resolution.  If you can scan faster than 40 seconds with a
USB connection at that resolution, then gigabit Ethernet might help.  Do
you have any reason to believe your machine even supports gigabit
Ethernet?  Most do not.

Eight seconds instead of two seconds to start a scan sounds like some
sort of time-out situation.  The tcpdump command could provide some
details about timing of the Ethernet traffic, though interpretation of
the data might be a challenge.

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