[sane-devel] Canon CanoScan LiDE 120 "signal 2"

Matthew Ayres solar.granulation at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 12:52:10 UTC 2016

Hello all, and most especially Stef who I see is responsible for
supporting this scanner,

I've been trying to get the 120 working under OpenSUSE with a backend
install from SANE's git. I've made some definite progress, working
from resources found here and there (and despite a cold). The system
now recognises the existence of the scanner, loads the latest version
of genesys and allows ordinary users permission to access the device.

But, I'm stumped.

I've been testing with the following command:
scanimage -d genesys --resolution 75 --preview --mode Color 2>rl.log >rl.pnm

The contents of rl.log are:
> scanimage: received signal 2
> scanimage: trying to stop scanner
> scanimage: received signal 2
> scanimage: aborting

I believe "aborting" to be triggered when I terminate the process.
rl.pnm is empty.

Previous error messages included "invalid argument" and "insufficient
permissions". So at least I've moved things along?

When I execute the above command the scanning head moves very slightly
with an audible motor activation, but that's all.

I strongly suspect that I've gone wrong somewhere along the line,
since I'm not familiar with the underlying technology here. Neither
SANE or udev.

Any advice or suggestions would be very welcome at this stage.


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