[sane-devel] Eventually got a debug log running ET-4500 with backend epson2 over network

Roger Sewell roger.sewell at cantab.net
Sun Sep 18 13:37:13 UTC 2016


> Thanks for the log.  Comparing the log with the code I noticed that
> you are using sane-backends-1.0.24 (yes, I should have noticed from
> your previous mail ;-).  The logs hint at a low-level network I/O
> error.

Thank you...

> Could you upgrade to 1.0.25?  There are some notes on network scanner
> fixes as well as timeout and scanner crash fixes for 1.0.25 that might
> just fix things for you.  That is, if you want to drop that non-free
> plugin needed by the imagescan/utsushi backends.

So I did in fact already try 1.0.25, and got exactly the same

Given that, do you still need the log from 1.0.25 ?


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