[sane-devel] epson2 backend v1.0.25 with Epson ET-4500 logs attached

Roger Sewell roger.sewell at cantab.net
Tue Sep 27 19:30:20 UTC 2016


> Looks like a time out issue when the backend has told the scanner to
> start scanning.  The backend expects the first image data back in 10
> seconds but apparently the scanner it taking its time.
> The time out is hardwired in the sanei_epson_net_read_raw() function in
> backend/epson2_net.c.  If you can compile from source, try increasing
> the value of tv.tv_sec to 60.  I think that should at least get things
> going for you.  If not, try 5 minutes (300 seconds), that's what that
> imagescan backend seems to be using as a worst case value.

Did that - actually went straight for 300 seconds. Certainly changed the
behaviour - the scanner no longer hangs, but now xsane itself hangs on
approximately 50% of attempts to scan - having obtained one image, it
then fails to start receiving the second (though it says "Receiving gray
data", or something similar, the progress bar doesn't budge). The
scanner itself gets to the end of the second page then stops.

Given that I'm currently able to work fine using the "non-free" Epson
software, that term is starting, and that I've suddenly acquired
a(nother) problem to solve before term starts in earnest, I'm afraid I'm
going to have to put this down for the next week or two at least. But
thank you for your efforts - if and when you or whoever the backend
maintainer is have any more suggestions, please do send them to me, and
I'll put them on the list to try when I get some free time.

Best wishes,
Roger Sewell.

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