[sane-devel] sane-backends release 1.0.26 schedule

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sun Apr 30 11:35:04 UTC 2017

Hi Allan,

m. allan noah writes:

> Ok folks, it's time to get another sane-backends release out the door.

I was about to ping you on that ;-)

> Olaf has done a good job of cleaning up our contributors list and
> curating the bug tracker.

I don't think I did a good job (yet?) with the bug tracker but, hey, if
you think I did, I'll take the kudos ;-)

# Me no like the Alioth bug tracker ... at all.  It feels so antiquated
# now I've been using GitLab and GitHub for a year or two ...

> However, there are a handful of patches in
> the bug tracker that could still be applied, once they are reviewed.

I'm working through the recent patches to the mailing list.  I also have
some concerns about Wilhelm's report (from 2017-04-05) that looping over


crashes on Debian (not on Arch Linux or Gentoo).  It appears to be an
issue with threading.  I know the sanei_thread API has issues but
haven't gotten around to testing this.  I hope to take a look before
the release.

> Also, quite a number of backends that are now unmaintained. So, this
> is a good time to get involved with sane. If you benefit from this
> project, and have some programming experience, we could use the help.
> Schedule:
> May 7: Feature freeze (only fix bugs and update docs after this date)

I have the whole week off until May 7 (Golden Week here in Japan).  I
was thinking of doing some other hacking but I'll go over the mailing
list for unapplied but appliable patches as well as patches in the bug
tracker.  I won't be doing anything May 2/3, though.

> May 14: Code freeze (only update docs after this date)
> May 21: Release
> Any questions or concerns, let me know.

Do you need a hand writing or an eye reviewing the release notes?  If
yes, just say so.

Please mention that the USB support's configure option has changed, that
libusb-0.1 is deprecated and that libusb-1.0 is the default now (if both
are available).  This may hit unsuspecting binary package maintainers.

@Rolf> Could the changed configure option be why your PPAs no longer
       build?  See a9c81394 for details.  You want --with-usb (or just
       default if a libusb*-dev package is in the Build-Depends).  If
       it's something else, let us know what's preventing your builds
       from succeeding.

As there have been some changes in configure.ac and friends, I'll check
if the doc/backend-writing.txt file needs updating.

Hope this helps,
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