[sane-devel] Need Help getting Canon ImageClass MF244dw working

Dave Platt dplatt at radagast.org
Tue Aug 8 14:12:11 UTC 2017

>I'm trying really hard not to destroy Debian Stable. I am a Linux newb and
>it is really easy to get carried away with reading websites and trying
>different things and messing up things I know nothing about.

Another option is to download the 1.0.27 SANE backends source code,
and build it yourself.  

"apt-get build-deps libsane" should download the development libraries
on which the backend depends (these are the development files which
correspond to the runtime libraries currently in your Debian distribution).
This should also get you the required software told (e.g. gcc and
make and so forth) if you don't have them already.

You would then download the sources for 1.0.27, unpack, configure, and
build.  You would end up with a new set of backends which were built against
your current Debian "stable" library set, so there would be no need to update
your system with libraries from Debian "testing", Ubuntu, or elsewhere.  Then,
"make install".

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