[sane-devel] Film scanning and infrared image cleaning

Klaus Kaempf kkaempf at suse.de
Fri Aug 11 07:05:37 UTC 2017

Hi Julian,

* Julian Hauser <julian at julianhauser.com> [Aug 10. 2017 22:58]:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm using the Reflecta 10T scanner using the pieusb backend. It mostly works very well, thanks! One thing I have noticed though is that if I enable the infrared scratch and dust removal option "Clean image" in Xsane, the detected defects get painted over with a blurred dot. On film negatives, which have a grainy structure, the results are clearly visible. I've uploaded an example here: https://mis.julianhauser.com/index.php/s/MhSuFltcm0CLIMs. It would be very nice if the corrections repaired the result taking into account the structure of the neighbouring areas (as for example the "healing tool" in GIMP does).

> Does the "overpainting" happen in the firmware of the scanner or is
> that part of sane?

it's part of sane, resp. the pieusb backend. See
where various sane_ir_* functions are called.

> Two more things I've noticed with the scanner is that images always
> come out reversed left-to-right

All images (color, greyscale, b&w) ? In all resolutions ?

> and greyscale scans make xsane crash. These things don't bother me much
> as they are easily fixed with a script after scanning. I can send crash
> logs if someone is interested in debugging this however.

Please do ! ;-)

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