[sane-devel] Canon PIXMA MX925 - scan process now broken (does not end)

Kay Drangmeister kay at drangmeister.net
Fri Aug 11 22:56:41 UTC 2017


I am using the sane libs (Ubuntu 16.04) with a Canon Pixma MX925 
successfully for years now. Since some time (days, maybe weeks), the 
scan process does not terminate well.

After scanning, or after acquiring a preview in Gimp using xscanimage, 
the scan is read completely, but on the display of the device, the 
german message "Dokument wird gescannt" (document is being scanned) is 
remaining forever.

When trying to scan a second image, or after acquiring the preview 
trying to scan the image for real, a timeout occurs.

Unplugging and replugging the USB resolves the situation, display on 
scanner is emptied, scanadf (for example) can read the next image.

It looks like a "scan completed - reset" is not being sent at the end of 
the scan process from the PC to the scanner.

All of this has worked well before, I did not change my setup, except 
for applying all "ppa sane-git" updates of the libsane software. Due to 
holidays, I cannot tell exactly the version or date when it began to fail.

Kind regards,
Kay Drangmeister

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