[sane-devel] Canon TS5050

Peter Saunderson peteasa at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 07:57:51 UTC 2017

Thank you all for your help.  I see in the file cnijifnet.c that the 
discovery process uses broadcast:
if (CNNL_SearchPrintersEx(hmdl, nic, CACHE_PATH, max, &found, 
CNNET_SEARCH_BROADCAST, 1, (installer==1)? 5000:3000) == CNNL_RET_SUCCESS){

And that the library used is provided as a binary from Canon.  So the 
Canon provided drivers will never work across a router that does not 
forward the necessary broadcast packets.

As the backend (https://github.com/Ordissimo/scangearmp2) is built on 
the same Canon drivers then the discovery will also not work across 
subnets as I have discovered.  I did start with the printer on the same 
subnet and the discovery did work ok so I know that that is ok on same 

So my plan is to use the printer on the same subnet as the PC... I might 
explore explicit IP address URI bjnp://<ip_address> a bit more if I have 
time but for now I plan to keep it simple!

Thank you again for your assistance.


On 28/08/17 08:37, Thierry HUCHARD wrote:
> Le 2017-08-27 23:58, Thierry HUCHARD a écrit :
>> Le 2017-08-27 23:27, Peter Saunderson a écrit :
>>> I can view the printer / scanner page at and can
>>> print using cups with following setup:
>>> lpadmin -p TS5050LAN -v socket:// -P
>>> /etc/cups/ppd/TS5050.ppd
>>>  I  cant use the provided Canon drivers because the "scan" function
>>> does not scan the remote subnet only the local subnet
>>> 192.169.0.  This is not a network problem, more a scanning problem!
>>> With sane I am hoping to use the sane setup with explicit IP address
>>> of the form:
>>> bjnp://<ip_address>
>>>  If https://github.com/Ordissimo/scangearmp2 provides this URI support
>>> then I think it will work for me!  Forgive me if I am off track here..
>>> I am new to sane and scanning..
>>> Peter.
>>> On 27/08/17 21:59, Thierry HUCHARD wrote:
>>>> Le 2017-08-27 22:51, Peter Saunderson a écrit :
>>>> Thanks for your prompt response. scangearmp2 does not appear to
>>>> discover devices on different subnets so my printer, installed on a
>>>> different subnet is not found.  I looked to see if there was a way
>>>> to
>>>> specify the IP address "scangearmp2 ip=" for example but
>>>> I
>>>> can see that the source code does not provide such an interface.
>>>> Looking to make this work for me with my scanner on a different
>>>> subnet...
>>>> Peter.
>>>> On 27/08/17 21:35, Thierry HUCHARD wrote:
>>>> Le 2017-08-27 22:24, Peter Saunderson a écrit :
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Commit 62fcf80 in sane-backends is marked as TS5000 Series working
>>>> but
>>>> WiFi not working.
>>>> A few questions:
>>>> 1/ I have build main latest 9b95970.. am I likely to damage my new
>>>> TS5050 by exceeding the physical scan area height.. I would not like
>>>> to damage my new printer / scanner!
>>>> 2/ I have the scanner connected via wifi on a different subnet in a
>>>> different room.. will this work or do I have to connect locally with
>>>> USB?
>>>> 3/ What is stopping wifi from working?  Is there something I could
>>>> do
>>>> to update the software to support wifi or is this a big job?
>>>> 4/ What is a good way to test this sane version with the TS5050 so
>>>> that we can mark the version tested with TS5050?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Peter.
>>>> Good evening,
>>>> Look here :
>>>> https://github.com/Ordissimo/scangearmp2
>>>> https://github.com/Ordissimo/scangearmp2/releases
>>>> it works with scanimage and xsane. Your Model is supported.
>>>  It is more a problem of network, it is necessary that your scanner is
>>> visible on your pc. Whatever the sub-network
>> I am surprised that scangearmp2 does not find your scanner.
>> Can you put on the same network your scanner and test again.
>> The idea is whether your installation works.
> The sane pixma backend, do not support the wifi of your model. It does 
> not know how to communicate with your device.
> The current solution for you is the canon drivers.
> Please install the package for your version: 
> https://github.com/Ordissimo/scangearmp2/releases
> Activate the backend:
> echo "canon_pixma" >> /etc/sane.d/dll.con
> Retrieve the mac address from your device.
> Try this:
> scanimage -L

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