[sane-devel] 16-bit colour in new GIMP

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Tue Feb 14 14:06:35 UTC 2017

On Tuesday 14 February 2017 07:32:51 Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:

> Hi Vopros,
> Vopros writes:
> > Hello. Can anybody explain what do I need to do with XSane and
> > xscanimage to be able to scan in 16-bit directly from GIMP?
> > xscanimage can scan in 16 bit and save the images, unstable GIMP can
> > work with them, but it only sees the plugin transferring INT32 data.
> > How do I make them work together?
> The SANE API only provides image data in SANE_Byte buffers.  The GIMP
> SANE plugin code would have to convert that to whatever format the
> GIMP expects for 16-bit RGB (or grayscale).
> > Gentoo Linux, AMD64, media-gfx/sane-backends-1.0.25-r1,
> > media-gfx/sane-frontends-1.0.14, media-gfx/gimp-2.9.4-r2.
> FYI, the xscanimage GIMP plugin source bits haven't been touched for
> over a decade (to cater to gimp-1.2).  You may be facing somewhat of
> an uphill battle there :-(

I too have noted that "disparity" in the relatively poor image I get when 
I have the gimp pull an image directly from my Brother MFCJ-6920DW, but 
haven't explored routes around that limitation yet other than saving the 
image from xsane, and reloading it off the hard drive. Mainly because my 
latest ink squirter seems intent on saving ink rather than giving me the 
intense color I crave.

But if that gimp plugin has bit rotted for a decade, is it not time to 
raise the issue on the gimp list? Given a good, factual description of 
this problem, I can at least make some noise there.

> Hope this helps,
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