[sane-devel] Kodak i30 Initialisation

Sebastian Schmachtel prisma_debian at oimel.net
Wed Jun 7 14:57:22 UTC 2017


thank you for your Answer.
> # I had a quick look at the avision.c code and there is some mention of
> # firmware.  Looks like it supports downloading as well as checking for
> # the need to do so of firmware but this may need a bit of tinkering on
> # crude inspection.
> # @Rene> Do you have any idea what might be needed?  I don't.
> You could check the Windows driver for a firmware file.  Typical file
> name extension would be .bin or maybe .dat (just guessing here).  The
> files I've seen (for a different backend!) were 64K (65536 bytes).  I
> don't know but 64K sounds like a nice firmware file size number to me.
> Since you run in a Windows VM, sniffing should be quite easy to do with
> wireshark.  What you're looking for is a lot of USB traffic on the first
> scan after you power on that just sends gobs of data *to* the scanner.
Thank you for mentioning Wireshark. That makes USB sniffing quite easy.
I was however not sucessful in finding Firmware transmissions. I did a
capture of the Initialisation (attach to VM) and then scanning an empty
page. But before starting the scan there are only small packages <=320
bytes in both directions. The scan consists then of course of bigger
chunks from the scanner. I have uploaded the pcap, if this might help:

My next idea would be to compare sane initialisation and windows
initialisation, maybe there is something to learn from...


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