[sane-devel] Adding a scanner backend (genesys) does not work

Chris Mailer chris.newsmail at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 14:29:48 UTC 2017


even though I'm using Linux for some time I barely used a scanner at all.
Whenever I was using a scanner yet, my attempts were quite successful
since the scanners I was using were supported by sane quite good and
were often rather old ones (either SCSI or parallel).
I´m currently trying to get a newer usb-scanner to work, which is,
according the documentation, "to be added to genesys backend"
(whatever that means).
I read a bit further and learned that I would have to activate the
genesys backend in the dll.conf file by uncommenting it (which I did)
and that I would have to add my printer to the genesys.conf file
(which I also did, using the values from sane-find-scanner, "usb
0x04a9 0x2215").
However, neither scanimage nor xsane nor libreoffice would find the scanner.
What else can I do to debug the problem further?

Thank you in advance,


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