[sane-devel] Bug#854804: saned: SANE_NET_CONTROL_OPTION response packet may contain memory contents of the server

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sun Mar 5 09:40:16 UTC 2017

Hi Zdenek,

Zdenek Dohnal writes:

> I tried to enhanced Olaf's patch and I posted it here:
> https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/qssgq4s0Vtqw6R5wkDWoEV5M1UNdIGYhyRLivL9gydE=
> Were my thoughts right and will it solve this issue?

Thinking you just "backported" the patch (it applies with a fuzz but
otherwise cleanly against 1.0.25) and removed the comments, I almost
overlook your code change!

I think it's my FIXME that misled you but you should *not* substract
req.value_size.  Doing so is worse than what my code does because your
code would substract too much, quite possibly making w->allocated_memory
negative.  My code runs the risk of not substracting enough.

In sanei/sanei_wire.c bytes are allocated to hold req.value based on a
number provided by the network protocol.  This number is large enough to
hold req.value plus terminating NUL and not larger than req.value_size.

# In the original issue, req.value_size is 1024 and req.value = '\0'.
# The code in sanei/sanei_wire.c allocates *1* byte.

What the code in sanei/sanei_wire.c should do is allocate space for
req.value_size bytes (it can't because where the allocation happens this
information is not available).  My patch frees the incorrectly allocate
memory and allocates a chunk that big enough.  It does that in saned.c
to minimize its impact.

# The sanei/sanei_wire.c code is used by saned *and* the net backend for
# I/O in both directions.  To complicate matters, the code is meant to
# transfer arrays and "abused" to transfer strings as if they are arrays
# of characters.  My patch only affects saned's read logic.
# A better patch would actually fix the issue(s) in sanei/sanei_wire.c.

Doing this in saned.c though means that I no longer have access to the
number provided by the network protocol.  I have to rely on the string
length which may be less.  Hence my FIXME comment.

# I was thinking about scenarios where backends might stuff a string in
# a slightly larger buffer than strictly necessary and send the whole
# buffer.

Hope this clarifies a bit,
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