[sane-devel] Newly installed cable modem caused loss of wifi scanner connection

Roger rogerx.oss at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 04:31:31 UTC 2017

> On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 09:48:32PM -0400, guy wrote:
>I'm trying to help a neighbor, I have basic user level knowledge of 
>Linux, he doesn't have any.
>I installed Linux Mint 17 on his Dell Laptop and successfully installed 
>his wireless HP Deskjet 3520 Printer/scanner. The scanner has worked 
>well for about 4 months.  The other day his cable provider installed a 
>new router, I was able using CUPS to install his printer but Simple Scan 
>and Xsane do not see the scanner.  I assumed its do to a change of IP 
>address.  However, I cannot find any facility for checking the IP 
>configuration setting.
>I look forward to any suggestions in resolving this lack of connectivity.

This is another reason I deplore networked printers, if you change the default 
route (or replace the router), you'll need to change the printer's IP settings 
prior to instituting the changes with new router settings.  Some printers (and 
devices) do have a display you can navigate to change the IP address of the 

Some units do not, requiring you to either set the unit's IP settings to either 
default (eg. DHCP if you're luck) or you'll need to reconnect to the printer 
with either the old router settings or by directly connecting the unit to the 
computer.  (The later, can be more difficult.)

If the HP printer's IP address is and you switched the default 
route from to, you'll need to switch the printer's IP 
address to  (Take note of a change of the second from last 
digit, denoting routing.)

Following is a more brief example.

via route

After should be:
via route

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