[sane-devel] Dell MFP S2815dn/H815dw support?

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sun May 14 02:52:30 UTC 2017

Hi Carl-Daniel,

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger writes:

> Hello everyone,
> On 12.05.2017 11:53, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
>> I own a Dell MFP S2815dn which is almost identical to the Dell MFP
>> H815dw. The printer/scanner/copier/fax is probably built by Fuji Xerox
>> (its MAC address is from Fuji Xerox).
>> According to the manual of the scanner, scanning can be controlled by
>> local console (e.g. scan-to-email), via USB and via network.
>> Adding the USB ID to /etc/sane.d/xerox_mfp.conf of the sane-xerox_mfp
>> backend of sane-backends version 1.0.26-git20160712 (Ubuntu 14.04
>> x86_64, rolfbensch PPA) didn't help, and when enabling debugging I can
>> see the SENSE command doesn't get an answer. This happens regardless of
>> whether I run it as root or as user.
> Log follows:
> root at t60:~# export SANE_DEBUG_XEROX_MFP=4
> root at t60:~# scanimage -L
> [sanei_debug] Setting debug level of xerox_mfp to 4.
> [xerox_mfp] sane_init: Xerox backend (build 13), version != null, authorize != null
> [xerox_mfp] sane_xerox_mfp_get_devices: 0x7ffe97d4f5d8, 0
> [xerox_mfp] list_one_device: libusb:001:004
> [xerox_mfp] usb_dev_open: open 0xc3aae0
> [xerox_mfp] :: dev_command(INQUIRY[0x12], 70)
> [xerox_mfp] usb_dev_request: sanei_usb_read_bulk: Error during device I/O
> [xerox_mfp] dev_command: dev_request: Error during device I/O
> [xerox_mfp] usb_dev_close: closing dev 0xc3aae0
> [xerox_mfp] list_one_device: dev_inquiry(libusb:001:004): Error during device I/O

Looks like the very first I/O with the device fails.  You could try
looking at the USB logs but there is a good chance that the backend
you're using is simply not the right one.

  SANE_DEBUG_SANEI_USB=5 scanimage -L

>> What would be a good way to get the Dell S2815 supported?
>> lsusb? Logs? What's the preferred log level?
>> I'm willing to try patches, and I could even try to get a USB trace from
>> the windows driver if I manage to find a Windows VM somewhere.

That USB trace would be helpful finding out whether the xerox_mfp
backend implements the same or a very similar I/O protocol.

>> On a slightly related note: How can I eliminate the false positives from
>> sane-find-scanner?

# Your fingerprint reader can be considered a "scanner".  The Bluetooth
# adapter ... well that's something else.

Hope this helps,
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