[sane-devel] Reflecta RPS 7200

Julian Hauser julian at julianhauser.com
Tue May 30 21:14:16 UTC 2017


I'm trying the get the Reflecta RPS 7200 to work with pieusb, so far
with little success.

I can find the scanner with sane-find-scanner: 

- "found USB scanner (vendor=0x05e3, product=0x0144) at libusb:001:014"

I want to add a relevant line to pieusb.conf, but I require the model
number for this as well, which I do not know. scanimage -L in debug mode
does not find the scanner nor show me any info about it (it only lists
the scanners enabled by default and the ones listed in the config file). 

Do you know how I could find the model number?

Also, this scanner supports automatic transport of film (but not
slides). Should I enable "has-slide-transport" in the config file or

I'm running up-to-date arch with the newest git version of sane.

Thanks a lot!

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