[sane-devel] Iscan and Ubuntu 17.10/18.04 fixed

staedtler-przyborski staedtler-przyborski at web.de
Wed Nov 1 12:29:32 UTC 2017

Dear Sane developers,

all Iscan dependend Epson scanners refused to work with Ubuntu 17.10 
(and 18.04)

see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sane-backends/+bug/1707352.

I know it is not your fault. But maybe some users try to find a solution 
on the sane-devel-mailing- list.

I discovered today a simple fix for this bug (after updating libsane to  
:libsane1 1.0.27-

1~experimental2ubuntu2.1, curently in proposed).

Copy (or move) the files from /usr/lib/sane (libsane-epkowa.la, libsane-

epkowa.so.1, libsane-epkowa.so.1.0.15 in my case) to 

after a reboot the Iscan dependend scanners (verified with a Epson V300) 
start to work.

Maybe Epson delivers updated packages some day so the manual correction 
will be unnecessary

Hope this helps

Klaus Staedtler

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