[sane-devel] SANE needs a GUI like CUPS's 'system-config-printer' to manually add a network scanner.

Hans Deragon hans at deragon.biz
Sat Nov 25 20:31:28 UTC 2017

Greetings Simon,

Isn't this a problem?  I thought that Sane, like CUPS, is a generic 
standard.  So why would my HP MFC's scanner be something HP specific?

Shouldn't there be a way to just tell Sane "Hey, there is a scanner at 
IP <xxx> you are unable to detect automatically.  Please add it to your 

If a printer is not found, I can add it with system-config-printer.  But 
if the magic of automatic detection of Sane fails, I cannot add a 
scanner manually.  This is an important feature that is missing in 
Linux, IMHO.

Has this topic been discussed before?  I must not be the first to bring 
it up.

Best regards,
Hans Deragon

On 2017-11-06 03:25, Simon Matter wrote:

>> Greetings, I understand that saned is a daemon / API running in the 
>> backend, but I believe that like CUPS's 'system-config-printer', it 
>> should come with a frontend to manage scanners.
> AFAIK system-config-printer is a development of RedHat and has no 
> relation
> with CUPS. The only problem here is that RedHat "forgot" to implement
> 'system-config-scanner' :-)
>> I have a network (wifi) scanner setup properly. One of my Linux 
>> machine (a desktop computer) connects to it without any issue. I have 
>> setup that machine with hplip. However, another Linux laptop cannot 
>> find it on the network. I know its IP and I can ping it, figure out 
>> the ports that are open, but there is no GUI to add a scanner. In 
>> fact, I cannot even figure out how to add this scanner via the 
>> terminal. Searching for any reference to it under /etc on the desktop 
>> machine for which it works returns nothing. I have no clue where the 
>> scanner is configured on that machine so I can copy the configuration 
>> on the laptop. The scanner is part of my MFC "HP Officejet Pro 6978 
>> All-in-one". hplip requires me to set it up (again!) with a USB cable. 
>> But this device is already setup and I should not have to plug as USB 
>> cable to it and reconfigure it. I should just be able to find it on 
>> the network and go on with it, or at least, add it manually via a GUI.
> Here again, AFAIK, HPLIP is a HP thing and not developed by SANE. So I
> guess you should send your requests to the HPLIP developers as only 
> they
> may be able to help you with the HP specific things.
> Regards,
> Simon

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