[sane-devel] SANE crashes when scanning 16-bit color with the Epson 'epkowa' driver

Camil B─âncioiu ioan.camil.bancioiu at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 03:12:20 BST 2018


I have an Epson v370 which, due to a driver error, can only scan colors at
8-bit color depth in Linux (Fedora 27). When selecting 16-bit depth from
the Xsane options and pressing "Scan", the scanner pauses as if it is
sending data to the computer, while Xsane crashes. Note that 16-bit depth
works with grayscale. I need 16-bit depth to work for color mode so I can
scan film negatives, which is the sole reason I bought the scanner.

This topic has also been discussed in this mailing list:
, where someone says that the driver assumes 8-bit color RGB, therefore it
crashes when it receives 16-bit RGB. That person managed to fix this in a
patch, but I couldn't find that specific patch.

I currently have the following packages installed:

xsane version 0.999

I would have no issue modifying the source code myself, if I would know
where to look. I already downloaded the source code packages for iscan and
iscan-data from Epson. At a first glance, I think I should look into the
iscan package, in the file backend/epkowa.c. Which function is the one
receiving RGB data from the scanner?

Kind regards,
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