[sane-devel] Bypassing calibration in Casoncan LIDE 120 on windows

Mason Coy mcoy at mtu.edu
Fri Aug 10 19:36:44 BST 2018

The task:
I'm modifying a canoscan lide 120 (I have a 220 as backup) in order to scan
round stuff. I'm taking the scan bar out of the scanner and holding it
static in a 3d printed assembly.

The approach:
I happened across a mention of a project on here
that is nearly identical to my needs, but I'm getting stuck on
installation. Their solution uses a linux server base to do the heavy

The problem:
I don't have that luxury, so I'm trying to set it up through cygwin. After
hours of fiddling I've gotten to the point where I run sane-find-scanner
and I get :

could not open USB device 0x04a9/0x190e at 003:008: Operation not supported
or unimplemented on this platform
# No USB scanners found. If you expected something different, make sure that
# you have loaded a kernel driver for your USB host controller and have
# the USB system correctly. See man sane-usb for details.

How do I get around this?
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