[sane-devel] Is there any plan to support Web Devices Services (WDS) protocol?

Patrick Roncagliolo ronca.pat at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 12:32:32 UTC 2018

WDS is a protocol based on http connection with devices such as scanners,
printers and so on. Most of the work is based on a bunch of XML schemas,
that are publicly available on MSDN. Searched a lot, but for Linux I only
found this (https://github.com/al42and/WSDolefuls), that fails to parse the
scanner response, but succeeds to start the scan job.
I tried to search around SANE for WDS support, but I understood there

Is there a technical motivation behind the lack of support for WDS? or it's
just not the top priority? Could it be possible to create a backend for
this protocol? A lot of Canon printers would work like a charm with a
single good implementation, and I think it would be the same with a lot of
modern hardware. I could try to start a simple implementation if someone
instructs me with the basics of the SANE internal API for backends and
working principles, I'm a student with (not much) free time and it could be
great to help a bit (and learn something) if possible.

Patrick Roncagliolo
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