[sane-devel] Support for Epson WorkForce ES-200 on Linux Mint 18.2

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Fri Jan 26 02:15:16 UTC 2018


Alkarim Kanji writes:

> First, I trust I am subscribed to the correct forum: the forum that offers
> scanner support tied to Linux flavors.  If not, please direct me to the
> appropriated forum.

You're at the right place.

> I have a laptop that runs both Window$ and Linux Mint 18.2, 64 bit.  Mint
> is my primary OS: I use Window$ only when I absolutely have to.  I
> purchased an Epson WorkForce ES-200 duplex color scanner to be used on
> Linux Mint 18.2.  I spent hours downloading/configuring scanner related
> software with poor results: I can scan, but the quality of scans is poor,
> at best.  I use "Image Scan" software; other applications (gscan2pdf, XSane
> Image Scanning Program) do an even worse job - very likely related to
> availability/configuration of appropriate software.  Then I ran into
> something on Epson's site that told me to click on "Image Scan! for Linux"
> to configure the scanner.  When I do that, with the scanner hooked up and
> turned on, I get the following message:
> Could not send command to scanner.
> Check the scanner's status.
> It appears the software I downloaded from Epson is not configured
> properly.  I have limited knowledge in this area and am unable to write
> code.
> I am requesting help to get the right software downloaded and configured so
> I can use my scanner for quality scans without having to resort to Window$
> to get a decent scan (configuring it on Window$ was a breeze and the
> quality of scans is very good).

There are *two* different packages available from EPSON download site:

 - Image Scan! for Linux
 - Image Scan v3

It looks like you have the first but you need the second.  You can get
it from:


That downloads a compressed archive file.  You need to extract that in a
terminal and change to the directory that creates.  Further instructions
can be found in the README.rst file.  So, after the download,

  cd ~/Downloads
  tar xaf imagescan-bundle-linuxmint-18-1.3.23.x64.deb.tar.gz
  cd imagescan-bundle-linuxmint-18-1.3.23.x64.deb
  pager README.rst

should get you up and running.

Once you can scan with imagescan (Image Scan v3), you can safely remove
iscan (Image Scan! for Linux) with

  sudo apt-get remove iscan

> Thank you for the support!

You're welcome.

Hope this helps,
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