[sane-devel] Epson V600 Perfection Scanner

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Tue Jul 24 11:35:29 BST 2018

Hi Mono,

Monosij Dutta-Roy writes:

> Hi Olaf -
> Attached is the third log you requested. Much thanks for taking the time to
> look at the logs.

Thanks for the log and no problem.

> Once again the V600 stirred while running this.

It didn't just stir, it scanned a full A4 original without any trouble,
according to the log.  The only thing that gscan2pdf perhaps might not
like are the anisotropic (that's "fancy talk" for not the same in all
directions ;-) resolutions.  From line 3339 in the log

 backend.c:480: [epkowa]{I} Scan area   : 215.90 x 297.18 [mm^2]
 backend.c:483: [epkowa]{I} Offset      : (0.00, 0.00) [mm]
 backend.c:485: [epkowa]{I} Color space : RGB-8
 backend.c:489: [epkowa]{I} Image size  : 1696 x 3743 [pixels^2] (215.39 x 297.10 [mm^2])
 backend.c:490: [epkowa]{I} X Resolution: 200 [dpi]
 backend.c:491: [epkowa]{I} Y Resolution: 320 [dpi]

As you can see the resolutions in the X and Y directions are not the
same.  Some SANE frontends (and some more image viewers) do not treat
this case very well.

Since you seem to have used gscan2pdf in the past without problems, I
don't think this is the cause of your problem though.  Just to rule that
possibility out, you may want to try scanning at a resolution that is
the same for both directions.  From the log, 200dpi and 400dpi should be
okay for the device for that but please check what's supported by the
backend using

 scanimage -h

Based on the log, I'm pretty sure that

 scanimage --resolution 400

would work.  For 200dpi I am not sure that the above works.  You may
need to use

 scanimage --x-resolution 200 --y-resolution 200

to get this to work.  Anyway, `scanimage -h` ought to make that clear.

> I was not sure if you wanted me to make the changes you mentioned, noted
> again before, BEFORE running the log - as I have NOT done it yet.

That's okay.  I included the LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/sane in the
command so it would be used whether or not you made any of those
changes :-)

> Also, I was looking around for an email at Epson to send this info to but
> do not see an email to make these fixes on their drivers.
> Is there a good way to reach them that you know please?

I'd use the mail address in /usr/share/doc/iscan/changelog.Debian.gz but
would not hold my breath.  I've used it in the past and although some of
the things I reported did get addressed, I don't remember ever getting a
reply :-(

> I believe these issues came about when Ubuntu moved to using systemd and
> several other system level changes since Ub 17.10, which is since when this
> is not working.

Although I'm no fan of systemd, I do believe that it is not involved in
this issue.

> Also, hopefully gscan2pdf reads the .profile file. If there is any other
> file to add the LD_LIBRARY_PATH please let me know as well.

The .profile file is processed when you login so gscan2pdf should see
the result of the export.

> Much thanks again for your help.

You're welcome.

Hope this helps,
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