[sane-devel] problem to get SANE work with Hewlett Packard HP Scanjet N6310 scanner

István Ákos Mórocz pistikem at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 16:50:27 UTC 2018

dear SANE developers,

i am trying to get an HP Scanjet N6310 up & running with linux/SANE
and with Vuescan, so far without success for the last couple of years.
i bought the device back in 2014 in the US and i don't know if it
features any special chip, firmware or whatever, but so much for sure:
it doesn't do a beep with SCANIMAGE, SANE or VUESCAN using SANE 1.0.27
under Slackware 14.2, although it is detected with lsusb and scanimage
-L, and even with XSANE if initiated jointly with an operational
Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner; obviously this will still not work for the
N6310, it just makes it show up in the XSANE GUI.

some years ago i got this N6310 running with some combination of
Vuescan/win8/VMware/Slackware but this is not the case anymore since
all the version changes in the past, and meanwhile i anyway try to go
the direct route using linux pure for all software i use.

i recently re-started to discuss this problem here :


i will be eagerly waiting for your feedback !  bye, pisti

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