[sane-devel] Who do I submit a How To for saned?

ToddAndMargo ToddAndMargo at zoho.com
Thu Mar 22 19:30:22 UTC 2018

On 03/22/2018 11:54 AM, John Oliver wrote:
> Err... if anything, it's the opposite.  Fedora is the FOSS upstream for
> RHEL.  It has a very short, bleeding-edge lifecycle of about six months.
> RHEL and CentOS get long in the tooth, sure, but what you can expect
> from them is anything but "riddled with bugs and incompatibilities".

I was with RHEL clones since CentOS 5 all the way to Scientific
Linux 7.5.  My choice was based on all the above stuff you stated.

RHEL is "minimally" maintained.  (No flame wars here, I said
"minimally" not "NOT" maintained.)  In order to maintain stability,
RHEL is deliberately "out-of-date".  This means the OS is locked
down and frozen in place.  "Supposedly" this is to keep instabilities
from creeping in.

What sounds wonderful is not always the reality.  I learned this
the EXTREME HARD WAY.  Bugs that are reported are NOT fixed, or
if they are fixed it takes up to SIX YEARS.

The two straws that broke my back were the bug in Osmo
were my business' contacts got wiped when I shutdown.
Mind you Osmo had fixed this, but could do nothing for
me as Scientific Linux was so miserably out of date.

And the other one was that RHEL and Friends no longer
supports modern motherboards (bug 1353423) and has
no intention of remedying the issue, even though
Supermicro has a program to provide Red Hat with all
the hardware they need.  1353423 cost me over $1000
in free consulting to figure out.  I had even tested
the motherboard with a Live USB before install natively.
"Pissed" does not begin to describe it!

Since all my customers are now on the more stable
Fedora servers do to 1353423, I ripped out Scientific
Linux and installed Fedora on my own machines so I
could match my customers.  I did this in December.  It
has been joy ever since to see all the improvements
and bug fixes in the various software package I run
in my business.  And Osmo no longer eats my business
contacts (good thing I am a backup whore).

And my USB2 is now four to five times faster (bugs
1333582, 1333583, 1224498).

So, in my experience, I do not recommend RHEL for anything
other than a set and forget appliance.  And you can
do that with any Linux by turning off the updates.

Now for a Fedora example, the above mentioned motherboard
that RHEL won't even run on (1353423) had a problem
rebooting and shutting down (bug 1537845).

     Reported: 2018-01-23
     Reported as resolved after a weeks testing: 2018-03-19

Beats the hell out of six years to NEVER.

Fedora is a Kaisen OS (constant improvement); RHEL is
by nature a non-kaisen OS.

RHEL is NOT more stable.  Fedora is a joy to use and work

The irony that RHEL could not fix all the various issues
with qemu-kvm because as RHEL was too out of date and kvm
being a Red Hat project is not lost on me (bug 1518387).

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