[sane-devel] problem with Canon scanner Canoscan Lide20 under MacOSX 10.11

oli dobolli flyfreebaby at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 15:31:43 UTC 2018

having problem running Canon scanner Canoscan Lide20 under Mac OSX 10.11 El
scanimage recognises it, but wont work with output, says

scanimage: no SANE devices found

Vuescan software recognises it and scans ok.

here are some logs...

olivers-MacBook-Pro:~ oli$ sane-find-scanner

found USB scanner (vendor=0x05ac [Apple Inc.], product=0x821a [Bluetooth
USB Host Controller]) at libusb:002:007-05ac-821a-ff-01

found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a9 [Canon], product=0x220d [CanoScan],
chip=LM9832/3) at libusb:002:005-04a9-220d-ff-00

  # Your USB scanner was (probably) detected. It may or may not be
supported by

  # SANE. Try scanimage -L and read the backend's manpage.

olivers-MacBook-Pro:~ oli$ scanimage -L

device `plustek:libusb:002:005-04a9-220d-ff-00' is a Canon CanoScan
N670U/N676U/LiDE20 flatbed scanner

olivers-MacBook-Pro:~ oli$ scanimage -vvv > test.pnm

scanimage: no SANE devices found

Calling sane_exit

scanimage: finished

and here is the log debug file

olivers-MacBook-Pro:~ oli$ SANE_DEBUG_PLUSTEK=5 scanimage > test.pnm 2>

[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of plustek to 5.
[plustek] Plustek backend V0.52-12, part of sane-backends 1.0.25
[plustek] Retrieving all supported and conntected devices
[plustek] Available and supported devices:
[plustek] Device: >libusb:002:005-04a9-220d-ff-00< - 0x04a9x0x220d
[plustek] usbDev_open(auto,) - 0x7fb5c1f01160
[plustek] Vendor ID=0x04A9, Product ID=0x220D
[plustek] usbio_DetectLM983x
[plustek] usbio_DetectLM983x: found LM9832/3
[plustek] Detected vendor & product ID: 0x04A9-0x220D
[plustek] Device description for >0x04A9-0x220D< found.
[plustek] usb_initDev(41,0x04a9,-1)
[plustek] Device WAF  : 0x00004002
[plustek] Transferrate: 1000000 Bytes/s
[plustek] Device Flags: 0x00000000
[plustek] Vendor adjusted to: >Canon<
[plustek] LAMP-STATUS: 0x00000000 (off)
[plustek] RESETTING REGISTERS(-1) - 0x80
[plustek] MISC I/O after RESET: 0x66, 0x16, 0x91
[plustek] Calibration file-names set to:
[plustek] >/Users/oli/.sane/Canon_CanoScan_N670U_N676U_LiDE20-coarse.cal<
[plustek] >/Users/oli/.sane/Canon_CanoScan_N670U_N676U_LiDE20-fine.cal<
[plustek] usb_SetScanParameters()
[plustek] usb_GetMCLKDivider()
[plustek] usb_GetMCLKDiv()
[plustek] * PhyBytes   = 6
[plustek] * PhyLines   = 4
[plustek] * TotalBytes = 24
[plustek] * Scansteps=72 (9*1200/150)
[plustek] usb_SetScanParameters() done.
[plustek] usbDev_getCaps()
[plustek] Scanner information:
[plustek] Vendor : Canon
[plustek] Model  : CanoScan N670U/N676U/LiDE20
[plustek] Flags  : 0x00000000
[plustek] drvclose()
[plustek] usbDev_stopScan()
[plustek] usbDev_ScanEnd(), start=0, park=0
[plustek] usbDev_close()
[plustek] Presetting Gamma tables (len=4096)
[plustek] * Channel[0], gamma 2.000
[plustek] * Channel[1], gamma 2.000
[plustek] * Channel[2], gamma 2.000
[plustek] * Channel[3], gamma 2.000
[plustek] ----------------------------------
[plustek] usbDev_open(libusb:002:005-04a9-220d-ff-00,) - 0x0
[plustek] Vendor ID=0x04A9, Product ID=0x220D
[plustek] usbio_DetectLM983x
[plustek]  * could not read version register!
[plustek] sane_start: open failed: 25
scanimage: sane_start: Error during device I/O
[plustek] Shutdown called (dev->fd=-1, libusb:002:005-04a9-220d-ff-00)
[plustek] Function ignored!

thank you for your time.
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