[sane-devel] sane for epson xp-630

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sun May 6 04:42:53 BST 2018

Hi Toshiya, Edwin, list,

suzuki toshiya writes:

> Dear Edwin,
> Is it possible for you to try "utsushi"?
> https://github.com/utsushi/utsushi
> I've never experienced with, but its document says as if it supports XP-630...

Utsushi does support the XP-530 which has the same USB product ID, so,
yes, the XP-630 is expected to work.  That said, there is no evidence
that Utsushi works on FreeBSD.  I have been trying to help someone who
at least managed to get it to compile but the (USB?) device detection
still needs work, AFAIR.

See https://github.com/utsushi/utsushi/search?q=freebsd&type=Issues
for pointers.

> On 5/5/2018 4:35 PM, Edwin Ancaer wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I contact this list to ask if someone can help with the installation
>> of Sane for the Epson XP-630 on FreeBSD 11.1, for access over the
>> network.
>>   I installed the  following packages :
>>      sane-backends-1.0.27_1
>>      xsane-0999_6
>> I use the backend epson2, in which I added the network address of the
>> XP-630 with the net option. The command scanimage -L recognizes the
>> scanner as Epson PID 110C flatbed scanner.  So far, so good.

The epson2 backend should in principle be able to support the XP-630, at
least to some extent.  If you add

  usb 0x04b8 0x110c

to the epson2.conf file, it should also work over USB.  This is normally
easier to debug.

>> When I start the scan with xsane, the printer says to be scanning, bu
>> after a few get the error 'Failed to start scanner, Error during
>> device I/O' in xsane. Sometimes, the printer continues to say
>> 'Scanning', but mostly I get the message 'Turn the power on and off
>> again'.

Using the epson2 backend, you should be able to produce debugging output
with something like

  SANE_DEBUG_EPSON2=128 scanimage > test.pnm 2> test.log

See the sane-epson2 manual page for details.  Maybe the log gives us a

# Depending on the size of the log, you should compress it before
# sending it to the list (or put it up on a website somewhere).

>> Am I using the wrong backend here, should I install iscan or.... I do
>> not find a clear answer on the internet, and what stops me from
>> trying iscan is that there seems to be no version for freeBSD.

Image Scan! for Linux (iscan) does not support the XP-630 AFAIK.  Image
Scan v3 (Utsushi's upstream) does but there are no packages for *BSD.

>> Can anybody help?

Hope this did ;-)
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