[sane-devel] minor bug report frontend/tstbackend.c

Robert A. Schmied uwppp at flash.net
Fri May 18 21:59:04 BST 2018

sane backenders

not sure how this issue should best be fixed as i only have a
sample of 1 scanner that being a canon canoscan lide 200.
it could be this particular model and manufacture is the exception.

this device identifies itself via my usb with this string logged
via the solaris 10 sparc kernel usba driver:
  Canon Scan

the usb-vendor-name is 'Canon'
the usb-product-name is 'CanoScan'

the usb vendor id is 0x04a9, the usb product id is 0x1905.
these two values correspond to the sane backend data for a canon canoscan
lide 200 in file /opt/csw/etc/sane.d/genesys.conf

the problem:
BUILD 19 .../* 2013-03-29 */

frontend/tstbackend.c and the global sane backend vendor id lists
    'canon' as 'CANON' (all upper case) and reports
info    : unknown device vendor [Canon]. Update SANE doc section "Vendor Strings"
          using device genesys:libusb:/dev/usb:4a9.1905/0
          TEST: open/close

the code in test_get_devices uses strcmp on the vendor name string.
i don't know if the right solution is a case-insensitive compare
      (strcasecmp(dev->vendor, "CANON") == 0) ||
or an additional compare condition
     (strcmp(dev->vendor, "Canon") == 0) ||
is the preferred solution as this vendor name string is found throughout
the sane backend documentation.

this isn't a high priority problem, but i thought it should be identified
as there seem to be a lot of these canon lide devices in the market place.



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