[sane-devel] Please remove Canoscan Lide 120 from list of supported scanners

Povilas Kanapickas povilas at radix.lt
Mon Nov 12 21:48:46 GMT 2018

Hey Izak,

On 09/11/2018 13:17, Izak van Langevelde wrote:
> I tried two Canoscan Lide 120 scanners, and both are not functioning
> properly:
> - sooner or later, they give me pitch black scans
> - the sane-genesys backend is no longer actively maintained
> - I have yet to find a single Ubuntu user who is running this scanner
> successfully
I had some success on scanners that didn't work in the default config by
increasing the input buffer size (--buffer-size argument in scanimage).
The default is ridiculously low 32kB. If you use --buffer-size=1024,
that helps sometimes.

That also could be unrelated.

I've checked out the local market and found a used LiDE 120. Let's see
if I can buy it cheap enough. I already have LidE 110 which uses similar
chipset, but seems to work OK.

> So, I suggest this scanner be removed from the list of scanners
> supported by SANE.

Well, it was supported some time ago, did work correctly at the time and
also all the code is there.. So saying that is not supported would not
reflect the actual status as the problems might be caused by just a
single bug. I think that maybe we could have another status, like


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