[sane-devel] Fwd: Sane backend installation.

Ian M. Stewart ian at peppergate.co.uk
Fri Nov 23 14:35:04 GMT 2018

Linux Mint 19 on Dell XPS15 9570

I am trying to install the scangearmp2 backend for SANE, but ran into 
this problem which I don't understand.  Can anyone please help me out 
with this?

[code]   Now signing changes and any dsc files...
  signfile dsc scangearmp2_3.50-2ubuntu.artful.dsc thierry 
<thierry at thierry-ThinkPad>
gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on homedir '/home/ian/.gnupg'
gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on homedir '/home/ian/.gnupg'
gpg: skipped "thierry <thierry at thierry-ThinkPad>": No secret key
gpg: /tmp/debsign.bIN1nj8u/scangearmp2_3.50-2ubuntu.artful.dsc: 
clear-sign failed: No secret key
debsign: gpg error occurred!  Aborting....
debuild: fatal error at line 1081:
running debsign failed

Thanks, Ian

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