[sane-devel] Canon P-208II calibration

timokau at zoho.com timokau at zoho.com
Wed Sep 5 22:44:22 BST 2018


I have a canon P-208II (1083:165f) scanner. While sane makes it possible to scan
documents with it, the color calibration is severely off. That has been known
for a while[1]. Amongst other factors, the brightness depends on the DPI (higher
DPI -> slower scan -> darker image).

I have a windows VM set up with the windows driver and scanning software
installed and I can sniff USB traffic. There is also an old 32 bit sane backend
distributed by canon themselves which apparently doesn't work anymore and is

I looked into the backend (`canon_dr.c`), but the 7768 lines of C are pretty
hard to understand . My C knowledge is "advanced beginner".

Is there anything I can do to improve the support of my scanner?


[1] http://sane-devel.alioth.debian.narkive.com/GRzsHBKu/canon-scanner-p-208-ii

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