[sane-devel] Canon MAXIFY MB5300 series

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sat Sep 8 12:20:58 BST 2018


innocence.faded at gmx.de writes:

> Hi All,
> as it seems that this list is largely unmaintained (the below message
> has been sitting in quarantine for weeks now without any action), I

Sorry to hear that.
@allan> Are you getting notifications about quarantined mail since the
        mailing list has been moved to the new server?

> Here goes:
> I am writing to this list to let you know that the above Canon MFP - a
> 5350 in my case - works (in general) using the pixma backend.
> (Documentation says it's untested.)

Updated the info about this device and mentioned the issue below.


@rolf> Anything you know about this and/or could fix?

> It's detected automatically via
> network, so that's excellent. On top of that, I came across a peculiar
> issue that involves scanning at 1200 dpi resolution (all other
> resolutions work just fine):
> When using xsane frontend, the resulting image looks as though it is
> cut in half (vertically) and then the two halves are interlaced column
> by column into the final result. Re-extracting the two halves is
> actually possible using GIMP, for instance, but they do not quite add
> up to a complete image. (A couple columns seem to be missing.)
> When using simple-scan frontend, the resulting image looks like the
> actual image but interlaced column by column with a white image of the
> same size, stretching the actual image horizontally by 100 percent.
> Erasing every other column in this output will actually yield the
> expected and usable result.
> This, btw., is the exact same result you get when using scanimage -
> -resolution 1200 so I assume it's got to do with sane and/or the
> corresponding pixma backend. I am taking a wild guess here, but could
> this be explained by an asymmetric resolution of 600*1200 (x*y) that
> is then inflated to 1200*1200 using white?
> Perhaps you can look into this issue. It's good enough for me for the
> time being - I usually scan using the embedded app on the device - but
> could use some fixing. TIA!
> Kind Regards,
> Roland

Hope this helps,
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