[sane-devel] Canon P-208II calibration

Timo Kaufmann timokau at zoho.com
Thu Sep 6 12:41:27 BST 2018

(I accidentally replied only to you before, so here it is again to the list).

On 18-09-06 07:31, m. allan noah wrote:
> I did previously spend some time trying to determine the calibration
> algorithm of these P-2xx scanners, but did not have much success. I
> suppose what is needed is to take some scans with the windows driver,
> and reverse engineer the formula the driver is using to derive the
> calibration data it sends into the scanner. Once that is known, we can
> try to do something similar in the canon_dr backend.
> allan

Did you have any results that may help me? Do you know if the calibration happens
in the driver or the software (CaptureOnTouch)? I see that there is some
calibration code in the backend already, but I don't really understand it
(calibrate_AFE and calibrate_fine). Do you have any tips for understanding the
current `canon_dr.c` file? I tried finding the implementation of the USB protocol
the scanners use in there, but I failed.

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